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Product Marketing-A Beginner’s Guide

Product marketing guide

Product marketing is an understated marketing role in most product organizations. Be it a consumer product, technology, or software product.

Product marketing has many definitions. However, I like to look at it as “Market your product to the right customer.” This may seem very straightforward and simple, yet there is a lot more to product marketing so keep reading.

Product Marketing and building User-Centric Products

Product Marketing and user centricity

One cannot over emphasise the importance of being customer centric, more so for product marketing managers (PMMs) as they represent the voice of the customers.

In this article we are going to decode the definition of user centricity and share some guides and resources to understand and implement user centricity.

The Power of User Research: How It Helps Product Marketing Managers

Product marketing and user research

User research is an essential tool for product marketing managers to effectively understand their customers and develop marketing strategies that resonate with them. Through user research, PMMs can gain insights into customer behaviours, preferences, and pain points, which can inform product development and marketing decisions.